Thursday, August 05, 2010

Streetfood Penang Iphone App

I was wondering if there was an app for Penang Hawker Food and yes, there is an app for that. Penang street food app is a pretty useful app for getting the locations and info on most of the common hawker foods in Penang. And did I mention it's free, well add supported anyway.

It has all the main hawker foods listed with pictures and a nice summary which is pretty accurate from a local point of view.

Best of all it uses the iphone's gps to show you how to get to the coffee shop to try out the delicasy. For example if you selected Char Koay Teow, it would give you the locations of the coffee shops that serve the dish on google maps.
Hats off to the makers of this app. You can download it free from the Apple AppStore. Well recommended by this humble blog site.

Location:Jalan Burma,George Town,Malaysia


Sisi said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the recommendation on the app we created. We are working to improve on the app by increasing the number of stalls as well as building in new features.

If you or your blog readers have any recommendations for us about food stalls or app features, you are always welcome to drop us a note.

We hope you enjoy the app as much as we did developing it!

Download the iPhone app at :

Or visit our website www.penangstreetfood.com for more information.


wINtoTo N aLSo 4D...yEAh! said...

Yes...a thousand thanks. I will bring my I-phone along when I visit Penang for the food posted here. Cheers!