Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Durian, king of Fruits

I guess I had to gave some durian at some time. Nowadays you can buy them opened for you. More than enough for a taste. Like they say you either live it or hate it, nothing in between. Elephants love them so they must be good! Then again it is better to spend good money on one quality Durian rather than eat the low grade stuff. Try the ganja, d2 or d3 or black gold (oo kim). To just try one type does not do it justice.
After having a durian feast be prepared to have a hot sweaty night. It is very rich and considered a "heaty" fruit causing you to sweat it out.


Anonymous said...

I will be in Penang this coming mid-October. What fruit will be in season then? Thanks.

Jobless Girl said...

I like durian.

Anonymous said...

where to find your D2 or D3 or black gold durian in Penang, I am visiting Penang next week.

Anonymous said...

im going to go to penang next month. since i am a big fans of durian, can u tell me where to find d2/d3/the black gold durian?