Thursday, August 05, 2010

Soya Bean Curd & Milk

I always enjoyed a refreshing soya milk drink and a tau hua(soya milk curd) with palm sugar.

This hawker has a mobile van in front of Rhb bank in Pulau Tikus. Nice and refreshing on a hot day.

Location:Jalan Burma,George Town,Malaysia


wINtoTo N aLSo 4D...yEAh! said...

Remembered one somewhere in Penang Road....and it tasted like Vitamilk from Thailand.

Yes....40yrs away from Penang and I still can recalled the taste. Just wonder if they are still around?

food said...

Tau Hua is ladies best friend because it deliver a smooth http://foodtok.com/foodplace_review215& brighter skin for them >

Jeremee89 said...

there is another stall in Jelutong as well...i like the tau fu fah...


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