Saturday, October 21, 2006

Putu Mayang

An Indian dessert made from freshly steamed rice flour that looks like a net. This is eaten with resh grated coconut and brown sugar.

Putu Mayang Recipe
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This picture is the Putu Mayang dough and the wooden instrument to squeeze the dough into a net. I asked the Putu Mayang seller what his recipe was. He gave me this simple recipe.

1. Mix Rice flour with some salt and sugar and water. A dash of pandan colouring for the green colour and pandan aroma.

2. Mix till it has a soft dough...to me it was like play dough.

3. Place it in the special wooden instrument that has fine holes. The putu is then squeezed out into a net.

You can use a plastic bag with fine holes poked in it.

4. Steam it for 3 minutes.

5. Serve with grated coconut and brown sugar/gula melaka.

Steaming Hot Putu Mayang
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At the market this morning I came across the Putu Mayang seller. He had steaming hot putu freshly made. Earlier on someone asked me how it was made so I chatted with the friendly Putu man. Well this is the dough squeezed into a fine net onto a rattan steamer. Steam it for 3 minutes only and serve.

Putu Mayang
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Served hot...

Mixed Up Putu
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The only way to eat it is with your fingers. Mix it up with the brown sugar and grated coconut....yummy!

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