Saturday, October 21, 2006

Beef Noodle Soup

Another and another favourite. This is a beefy soup served with flat glass noodles and ...you guessed it...beef! Beef balls, beef brisket, beef slices. There are a few famous ones around Penang. This one was from the Goodall cafe, formerly selling at Weld Quay.

From Joez-Simply Me's Blog :

Last Thurs, I was on leave. It was golden opportunity for me to spoil my taste buds with my favourite Beef Noodles. This is so so sooooooo good compared to others I've tried. I think it's open on Weekdays, not sure about Saturday though coz I don't wake up until after the sun shine onto my bump :P But, Public Holidays (PH) definitely tak buka, so don't waste your effort going on PH.
I ordered big bowl (RM 8) without Spare parts (internal organs). It's quite a long wait. Between 15 mins to 45 mins. As you can see, the shop is always full and sometimes you have to wait a while before finding available table/seats.
I forgot to take note of the shop's name. It's just opposite (corner shop) the Balai Bomba and at the junction of Chulia Steet and Beach Street. Oh...you might not want to wear too thick or long sleeves if you choose to makan there, you'll feel like in the sauna...but then again....it's worth the wait and hassles la....that is....if....you like beef noodles.


Joez said...

Go try this one Opposite Bomba. Very nice.


Steve said...

You may try a new beef noodle shop. Do you know Kang Beef House? XD taste great too.