Friday, September 15, 2006

Oyster Omelette (Orr Chien)

Oyster Omelette
Originally uploaded by doctorchan.

One my my favourite side dishes, fresh oysters fried up with eggs and spicy seasoning. To be eaten with a dash of chilly sauce.
My favourite coffee shop for this dish is the Bee Hooi Coffee Shop in Pulau Tikus at night. Definitely worth a taste...mmm.

Oyster Omelette, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Up close and personal with a yummy dish. Costs about rm5 a plate.


euris said...

seem vry nice oh.... may i know the location?

Anonymous said...

hmm...seems vy delicious..my saliva cum out dy...=p

Anonymous said...

again, u r recommending something from P. tikus. Try the one at bayan baru market (opposite sunshine square) then u will know and also u should try the one at jalan prangin.

tham chiak said...

my recommendation- Fountain cafe,carnarvon street evening oyster omelette which is not so oily but crispy and fragrant

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