Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mee Goreng

Mmm, I could do with a plate of mee goreng from my farourite stall in Pulau Tikus, opposite the police station. "Chang, Chang, Chang!" is the sound he makes as he "gorengs" the mee in his black wok. I like my mee goreng dry and with a squeeze of lime and extra sotong(cuttlefish). I can almost taste it, even when I am a thousand miles away in Geelong!
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Anonymous said...

i like my mee goreng with a little kuah. in my head i am almost tasting the mee. i guess people like us living in vic you in geelong me in upwey have to improvasi. next time when you go back to pg fry a few packets of the mee goreng without the taugeh and egg. freeze them when you get home to geelong. bring that packet out and goreng away with egg. i like my mee goreng from gurney drive

Anonymous said...

the mee goreng with extra sotong in esplanade is superb...a must try!! but beware..it's spicy..:) be there a little late after lunch. usually very pack during lunch time.. INDULGE!!!:)

Anonymous said...

ahpo like to eat super ring..is much better than mee goreng!!!

Allie said...

Yeah! The one at Esplanade is superb. It's spicy with lots of sotong.


millymin said...

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Cheryl Wee said...

I like the mee goreng/mee rebus at Air Itam - Lasia coffee shop


Pete said...

I left Penang in 1975 & my memories of Penang hawker food have sort of frozen in time circa 1970s. My best mee goreng stalls then were:
- the stall that rolls out on Edgecumbe Road around 4-5pm each day;
- the Northam Road stall in front of Paramount Hotel - I heard he moved to CRC subsequently;
- yes, the one at the Ayer Itam roundabout.

Hope they are all still there!

wINtoTo N aLSo 4D...yEAh! said...

Yes...good stuff!