Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sausages & Eggs

Sausages & Eggs, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Hiya guys sorry the updates have been slow. I am at Geelong, Australia working for a year and sadly missing Penang food. This was my lunch today, I have almost forgotten how Wan Tan Mee tastes like.


CK Lam said...

Hi doc - there are also some hawker food in Australia too. I have tried some of them during my holidays in Melb but the taste is still far from the ones we had in Penang.
Anyway, try looking at the brighter side...the distance between both countries is not that far apart. Do drop by whenever time permits.


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Dr Jimmy Seow said...


Ais kachang - for me no doublt best ais kachang is the one at Swatow Lane. Now in 3rd generation. I used to go there as a school boy in 60s. I still do whenever I go back to Penang. The stall is now moved across the road as it used to abutt the coffee shop and the old pool table hall next to it. He told me that the arrangements his father had with the coffee shop owner is all changed when the owner son took over. But the stall is still there and oh yes his rojak is still excellent.

I made my own in Perth.


Dr Jimmy Seow

Anonymous said...

check this out: http://www.soshiok.com/articles/10935