Friday, April 11, 2008

Penang Coffee Shops : New Cathay

I am starting a series on my favourite coffee shops . I hope to include a map, what to eat and drink. If you have a favourite coffee shop please tell me and write a short review.Thanks!

Lets start off with one of my favourite coffee shops for breakfast, the new cathay coffee shop in Pulau Tikus. Now this coffee shop has a nice variety of hawkers and is only open in the morning till lunch time, about 7am to 2pm. They are closed on Sundays. Now that says a lot, any coffee shop that can afford to close on Sundays and nights means they have lots of business.

As in the map above, this corner coffee shop is located opposite the Church of Imaculate Conception along Kuching lane. Parking is terrible, but you can try along the Plaza opposite. Please put money in the parking meter coz it's a hot place to get a parking ticket.

What to eat

  • I like the Koay Chiap which is not found in many other coffee shops. The special noodles normally is sold out by 12.30pm and you are left with bee hoon only!
  • The Curry Mee is quite good
  • Excellent Wan Tan Mee, but be ready to wait a long time, especially when the wife is bickering with the husband! Nice springy noodles served in a special plate.
  • The Koay Teoh Th'ng is tasty but in a very small bowl.
  • There is a Char Koay Kak stall there which is worth a try
  • Don't forget to buy some Bak Hu (Chicken Floss) from the auntie there. Very crispy and nice
  • The Banana Pancake is also a hot specialty that will take a long time. The young man selling it learnt it from a hotel, and now probably makes more money than me.

What to Drink

  • The standard hot tea and local coffee is not bad
  • Try the Keh Lah Sim Boi or Ampula Sim Boi

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