Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sar Hor Fun at Chai Leng Park

Credit to my photographer friend HKO for his excellent pics...great now I feel hungry again! Sar Hor Fun needs to be eaten hot, with the egg still cooking in the sauce. Wait 10 minutes and the starchy sauce becomes like glue! So fresh Sar Hor Fun with bee hoon and that slightly burnt taste really hits the spot when you are famished!


Unknown said...

I will eat your blog one day...haha

Callie O said...

Hi.Sar Hor Fun.. .I wanna eat. To tolerate till I go back to PG. Meanwhile I stare at your Sar Hor Fun 1st. Cheers

Anonymous said...

You did not say which restaurant in Chai Leng park for this Sar Hor Fan.

Try one at the old cinema at Jalan Raja Uda fo ra diferent taste

Anonymous said...

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