Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Penang Tandoori Chicken

Penang Tandoori Chicken, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

I had a very nice Tandoori dinner in Pulau Tikus at Kassim Mustafa restaurant. For onmy rm5.50 you get a generous serving of Tandoori Chicken and nan bread. You can dip it in the fresh mint dip, dhal and plum sauce. Best eaten with your hands.

Tandoori Chicken at Kassim Mustafa

My favourite place for Tandoori chicken is at Kassim Mustafa restaurant in Pulau Tikus. Just had it just now (yum yum Belle!) and it costs only rm5 for a set of nan bread with sucullent tandoori spice grilled chicken and mint sauce.

One of my favourite Tandoori Chicken meals is in this shop in Pulau Tikus. Excellent. Tasty and cheap! Price has gone up to rm6, but still very nice.


Anonymous said...

the tandoori chicken at Kapitan, Chulia Street (opposite the Queen St) is the best in Penang

Anonymous said...

agree with anonymous....once u in Penang, u need to try kapitan briyani and as well the tandori chicken with nan cheese.... yummyyyyyyy...

Anonymous said...

i've try the kapitan ones, but i think kassim mustafa is the best!!