Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Another soupy dish that is light and nutritious.

Close Up Fried Fish Bee Hoon

Close Up Fried Fish Bee Hoon, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Yum...the fried fish soaked in the soup has a nice texture. The soup is gingery chicken and fish stock.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Stall, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Here is the stall at New Cathay Coffee shop in Pulau Tikus.


Anonymous said...

wah, really makes me hungry. I miss South East Asian food.

Great photography.

Doc said...

Thanks, I just use my humble phone camera, while drooling and taking the pics!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Again, its pulau tikus, i suggest u try the one at perak lane (night) or perak road (night).