Thursday, October 19, 2006

Curry Mee / Noodles

Photo credit : Hko

Curry Mee Wiki

Curry Mee is a dish that is unique to Malaysia, usually made up of thin yellow egg noodles or/and string thin mee-hoon (rice vermicelli) with spicy curry soup, coconut milk, and a choice of dried tofu, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken, egg and mint leaves. However, what makes Curry Mee is a special chilli/sambal and pig's blood. The pig's blood is usually coagulated, and in cubes, but can be omitted by choice.

Curry Mee at Pulau Tikus Market

Curry Mee at Pulau Tikus Market, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Ahh the sea ham and prawns, mint leaves and that thick curry santan sauce. Imagine that for breakfast!

Curry Mee at Gurney Drive, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

I was surprised by a very nice curry mee with extra curry chicken at a coffee shop in Gurney drive. Next to the nasi kandar place. Only costs rm3.50 but was really worth it.

Curry Mee Up Close again, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

...so much extras that u cannot even see the noodles below. The name of the coffee shop is Public. It is on the same row as the Corner Club.

Curry Mee Up Close, originally uploaded by DrChan.

Had fun taking close up shots of my breakfast. This was at the New Cathay Coffee shop in Pulau Tikus opposite Belissa Row. The curry mee is superb.

Curry Mee at Tesco Penang

Curry Mee at Tesco Penang, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Bet you can't find this at your Tesco...Surprisingly not bad. Pretty thick santan(coconut milk) curry soup to spice up your day. If you cannot handle the hot stuff, do not stir in the chilly.

Curry Mee at New World Park

Curry Mee at New World Park, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

All the hawkers from "watau lane have moved there now. There are 2 curry mee stalls. I think the one closer to the beverage counter is much better. The santan/coconut milk in the soup is so nice...mmmm.


iZack.Chin said...

i love curry noodle, everytime i go penang sure go eat 1.

Anonymous said...

miss curry mee so much...this time go back have to "jiak bah bah" b4 coming back KL again...

Anonymous said...

Hi all, give it a try chulia street curry mee, start sell around 7pm.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

About curry mee, mayb u can ask your parents or those Old penangs, they will tell u , the curry mee at jetty is the best and i agree curry mee at chulia street also good.

Anonymous said...

i used to go to Kenyon Rea Methodist Girl School.That's almost forty years ago. Curry Mee is one of my favorite food. Though i'm not a malaysian....i still remember all those good food i used to have.......