Saturday, October 21, 2006

Claypot Noodles

Fancy a hot pot of noodles? This is another tasty treat, noodles or rice cooked in a clay pot with chicken, an egg. Nice. Normally the same shop also sells claypot chicken rice. Warning: the pot is hot hot hot!
Tip : Scrape the bottoom bits, they are tasty too!

Claypot Chicken Rice, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

I had Claypot chicken ride at Goodall cafe opposite the Penang Chinese Girls School. Very nice and tasty. I like the bits of Kiam Hoo(salted fish) that adds that extra provocation to my taste buds. Careful, the claypot is very hot.

Claypot Up Close
Originally uploaded by DrChan.

Mmm you stirr up the rice, chicken, eggs and garnishings. Then scoop it out into a plate and dig in.


Anonymous said...

Good blog ... the food is making me hungry! Wish I had the chance to check out these places when I am in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

claypot noodles and claypot chicken rice is not the specialty for Penang, so i think its not worth mentioning. i never had claypot chicken rice o noodle in penang since i was born n only had these during my days in KL and i can guarantee, KL ppl can prepare way better claypot noodles and rice then Penang ppl.

Anonymous said...

you never eat claypot chicken rice/noodle in penang and yet you know that it is not as nice as KL. amazing

Unknown said...

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