Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ak Thui Mee Sua

Ak Thui Mee Sua, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

Vermicilly in stewed duck drumstick with herbs. My friend Nikonk brought me to this open air coffee shop in front of the Honda showroom in Sungai Pinang road. They are famous for their duck noodles and curry mee. There were tons of people there with no place to sit.

This is always a good sign.

Ak Thui Mee Sua Up Close, originally uploaded by tidaknama.

..a spoonful bursting with ducky taste and aroma.

The wait was worth it. The soup was so tasty and fragrant. The duck meat was soft and tasty. The trick is to eat it right away or else the noodles will swell up. Thumbs up.

Decisins, decisions... What to have for breakfast. Well today ts Ak Thui Mee Sua in front of the Honda Showroom in Jalan Sungai Pinang. It is an open air coffee shop that mushrooms up only in the morrning. At night there is curiusly nothing there.


wooikok said...

ya..my favorite ak tui mee usa when i return to Penang too..:P

Little Corner of Mine said...

Mee sua with duck meat, mmm...mmm...that's tasty!