Saturday, September 16, 2006


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Ahh Indian pancakes are the best. Must be the yeast and the eggs giving it that special taste. Cooked in small bowl shaped metal pans over a hot charcoal stove, it has a special shape. Puffy and spongy in the middle and crispy at the edges.

A video of how the Apoms are being made.

Apom Wiki:

n Malaysia and Singapore, a pancake-like snack known as Apom Balik (in Malay) or Mee Chian Kuih(面煎粿 in Chinese). The Chinese version is made with a filling, traditionally ground peanut with sugar, sweetened coconut, or red bean paste, and increasingly also with cheese, kaya (egg jam or coconut cream custard), blueberry or chocolate. There are other interesting variations, such as those made with soya bean milk replacing egg and water. The malay version (Apom Balik) frequently has sweet corn and condensed milk as filling.


Anonymous said...

there is a stall along burma road, in front of union primary school that serves the best and cheap apom balik. known as 'apom guan', he made fluffy and tasty apom. even recommended by a travel magazine.the best apom ever found on earth!!;p try it!!love it!!

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Chulia Street Apom (the senior couple stall opposite Fruit Juice stall, Curry Mee stall, etc). Delicious and the best is crispy.. Yummie! Should give it a try!!

wINtoTo N aLSo 4D...yEAh! said...

I got mine from a push-cart around Pulau Tikus market during a visit sometime ago.

ladyjuliet said...

oh my god. i'm so happy when i saw your blog. i love all the food you've posted here as i'm also a penangnite. but i can only look at them now cause i'm studying so faraway. sobs. how i miss all the delicious food back there...

anyway, great blog.

p/s: you could try the one in taman chai leng park. not bad actually.