Sunday, July 31, 2011

Durian Durian

Ah you can never miss a durian stall as the pungent aroma makes it known to everyone within 20 meters. Even if you drive past it you can smell it wafting through the air conditioning. To some it may smell worse than rotten eggs. To others, it is the perfume of the Gods!

I had some this morning and I feel hot and sweaty as I write this. There are too many kinds of durians to choose from. They can be cheap or very expensive. I prefer the ones with a small seed (chew hoot) as it gives me more of the yummy flesh. So if you buy one ask for the ones with small seeds.

Nowadays the durian seller will open and pack the durians for you. Expect to pay anything from rm7 to rm50 per durian depending on the quality of the durians.

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