Monday, January 11, 2010

Promoting Malaysian Food

I read in the news that the Malaysian Government is going to spend 2.5million pounds to promote Malaysian cuisine in he UK.
Actually it's hard to pinpoint what exactly is Malaysian food. One thing is constant, that is it's variety. A true mixing pot of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian sprinkled with history and culture.
Here I am eating honey chicken while dreaming of a nice curry mee, char koay yeow, Nasi lemak or satay.

Or Nasi kandar with curried fish roe.

Or wanton mee.

Or a nice steaming hot bah kut teh with some yew char kuih.
Anyway give Malaysian food a try, it's variety will captivate you.


Barry Newman said...

char koay yeow ? Was it too hot?

Derrick said...

great blog! i'm a photojournalist who will be visiting Penang next month and i'm interested in the Penang culinary scene.. Can you email me and I can ask you some questions please? thanks so much.