Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Local Coffee Shop / Kopi Tiam

As my friend Azhari puts it..

Okay, for those who are unfamiliar with the term Kopitiam, let me say something here (you can correct me if I got the wrong impression). Kopitiam is a Chinese word which loosely translates to Coffee Shop. In turn, it's a local Chinese diner. There could be two or three characteristics that make these shops unique.

The first one is the classic porcelain cups with green decorative motives.. You can't miss that if you come to these places - much like the designers' mug like those in Starbucks, Coffee Bean, GJ and stuff.
The second one is the marble top tables. Not to say these are rare but most of the newer designed tables are much, much lighter than these. Cleaning these marble top tables are easier too.
The third could be the square white tiles which are arranged from the floor up to your shoulder-height on the two (sometimes three) opposite walls. There are other eatery places with similar concept but this suits well with a kopitiam.
The fourth (optional) element is the patrons to these places. Most of them (on weekends) wear casual clothings rather than their business attires. Once you step into these places (especially in the morning), there's some kind of feeling that the time flies slowly, admiring the view (even if the view is just the bustling traffic) and looking at other people enjoying their food. It seems like you want to get away from all your responsibilities and just take your time to enjoy yourself....

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